The Origin is our true twin park board. They are completely symmetrical in both shape and flex and feature a centered stance. The Origin is perfect for hitting huge jumps and boosting in the pipe.

Our team riders, Zack Black, JJ Thomas and Dylan Bidez ride the Origin boards for their all around pipe and park board.


This year the Origin features unidirectional fiber pads that run side to side under the binding area.  This makes for fiber strands that run opposite to the tip and tail fibers creating enhanced reinforcement under each foot.  The added strength reduces the possibility of the binding breaking the board from extreme impacts that often occur when riding the park.

technology featured in the

Board Specifics

Size 152 154 mid-wide 155 158 mid-wide 159 160 wide
Effective Edge 113 120 120 121 124 124
Waist Width 24.3 25.4 24.5 25.6 25 26
Sidecut Radius 766 857 793 950 813 813
Stance Options 20 to 25 inches 20 to 25 inches 20 to 25 inches 20 to 25 inches 20 to 25 inches 20 to 25 inches
Core Material Full-Length Vertically Laminated Wood Core
Sidewall Material Bulletproof Sintered P-Tex Sidewall
Base Material Trizac Finished Durasurf 2001 Sintered Base
  all measurements in centimeters unless otherwise noted