WHALE 14/15


The Whale boards are a new type of surf style freeride board.  On these shapes we moved the wide point on the nose of the board back to match where the nose rocker starts.  This makes the board initiate a turn quicker than a normal shaped board with nose rocker.  By moving the wide point back it makes the effective edge of the board shorter than normal, making the board feel very quick and nimble.

The Whale features our FLOAT ROCKER nose profile.  This is an all new rocker design that lifts the nose of the board up about 2cm at the end of the effective edge.  The nose rocker starts just in front of the front foot.  The Whale boards have some camber from the front foot back to the tail.  This gives it super float in deep snow and good edge hold on hard snow.


Size: 156 160 167
EffectiveEdge: 105.3 114.5 125.4
Tip Width: 29.1 29.9 30.8
Waist Width: 25 26 26.5
Tail Width: 27.9 29.5 29.8
Sidecut Radius: 728 728 728
Stance Options: 20"-25" 20"-25" 20"-25"